Applications Programming Interface for Geographic Information (MAP API)
How to apply:
Please arrive in the reception desk at the 5th floor of CEM building, fill in the Form No. 8 and terms of use form, or download the  application form;
Or apply through the Applications Programming Interface apply console.
Time promised: 12 working days.
Service charge:
The price of each 1000 billing units is MOP 10.
In order to promote the Applications Programming Interface, 200000 free billing units are provided for each month, and the maximum limit of paid billing units deduction is 350000 units each month.
For the details, please refer to the pricing method of Applications Programming Interface.
Inquiry: Progress Inquiry 
Payment methods: Applicants have to use the Applications Programming Interface management platform and pay through Online Shopping Service.
For more information, please contact us by Tel: (+853) 2834 0040, Fax: (+853) 2834 0046 or E-Mail:

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