• Organizing the works related to aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry and maintaining the cartographic database up-to-date.
  • Establishing the graphical and alphanumerical infrastructure for supervising map making, topography survey, geodesic survey and automatic cartographic system.
  • Establishing, measuring and calculating the trigonometry network and level network.
  • Carrying out works related to the land demarcation and urbanization.
  • Assisting Division of Cadastre in land demarcation and providing all relevant geometric data.
  • Carrying out terrestrial photogrammetry for the memorial and artistic properties in Macao.
  • Gathering all necessary information to maintain the digital cartographic database and the cadastre plans up-to-date.
  • Carrying out the 3D cartographic works based on aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry.
  • Carrying out the works of calculation, data processing and alphanumerical database manipulation in assisting the execution of Regime jurídico da construção urbana and responding to other requests.
  • Preparing digital maps for establishing geographic information system.
  • Producing film map for the preparation of map reproduction and photographing, and monitoring the map printing.
  • Analyzing the demands of land demarcation by studying, organizing and executing the survey required in geometric cadastre.
  • Assisting in the works required in issuing, maintaining and modifying the cadastre plan, and the works in conserving the properties database.
  • Maintaining the data of cadastre system up-to-date.
  • Studying and coordinating the internal administration activities of the department and providing information assistance.
  • Assisting in the management of human, finance and asset resources.
  • Ensuring to provide administrative assistance to personnel management and maintaining the individual personal record up-to-date.
  • Processing general incoming and outgoing documents, registering and filing documents.
  • Managing the microfilm database of the administrative and technical files.
  • Preparing the budget proposal, keeping track of the use of the budget and producing the relevant accounting balance.
  • Controlling the financial activities of " The Government Investment and Developing Expenditure Scheme".
  • Managing the financial aspects and maintaining the asset database up-to-date.
  • Responsible for managing and maintaining the communication network and cars.
  • Having been established in 1975, the Commission of Cartographic Studies of Macao, the predecessor of Cartography and Cadastre Bureau, intended to execute all the work of cartography and topography, as well as the organization and conservation of the cadastre of Macao territories. However, due to the shortage of capable staff in this area, the School of Topography and Cadastre of Macao was created through the Provincial Decree N0.29/75 of 13th of September. The principal objective of the school is to minister training courses of survey and cadastre concerning theoretical and practical pedagogy, together with necessary probation, cultivating qualified persons that practice as topographers. The first course, teaching in Portuguese only, was composed of 2 semesters, with the duration of one school year, and from the 1976, course in Chinese was simultaneously held. Later on, an advanced course on topography took place for the first time in order to improve the respective technological knowledge. The duration was also one school year. Until 1988, the General Course of Topography and Cadastre turned to be composed of 4 semesters of 2 school years. The lessons are attended after office hours, 16 hours a week.

Cartography and Cadastre Bureau

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