Cadastre Introduction
In order to certain about the land demarcation and provide assistance for arranging and regulating the non-movable properties in Macao SAR, since 1983, Cartography and Cadastre Bureau started the on-site survey on all the lands in Macao SAR. High precision land boundary and area are collected by using the most recent surveying equipments and advanced calculation methods. Meanwhile, the relevant cadastre data was also collected, such as the land description of Property Registration Department, the property records of Finance Department, the house number and the name of the buildings. After the 10 years work, the cadastre database of the entire Macao SAR was built.
Cadastre Publication
In order to allow the land owner or the relevant people to know the land demarcation, review the Cadastral Plan, claim objections or modify the relevant Cadastral Plan, according to the Government Decree-Law No.3/94/M in January 17th 1994 - "Cadastre Law", Cartography and Cadastre Bureau requires to expose all the Cadastral Plan to the public in different parishes and in several phases within the period from September of 1994 to February of 1998. This campaign called "Cadastre Publication". During the cadastre publication, if the land owner or the relevant people have no objection, the provisory Cadastral Plan would become to definite Cadastral Plan after the legal process (please see the Executive Order in the below board). After this cadastre publication campaign, 75% of the land demarcations in Macao SAR have been confirmed and become definite Cadastral Plan.
  1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 Executive Order to Turn Provisory Cadastral Plan to Definitive Ones
Nª Sra de Fátima
São Lázaro
Santo António
São Lourenço
S. F. Xavier
Nª Sra Carmo
   Cadastre Publication
Cadastral Plan
The definite Cadastral Plan (according to the Government Decree-Law No.3/94/M in January 17th 1994) is granted with the legal effect to certain about the location, area, and the four boundaries of a property.
The sample of Cadastral Plan as shown below, the Cadastral Plan not only shows the land boundary, but also the cadastre number, the location (including the parish, the street and house number), building name, area, the four boundaries, the land description of Property Registration Department and the property records of Finance Department.The Cadastral Plan allows the citizens to know the cadastre information of a specific land, and it can be used for the land owner to update the land registration information in Property Registration Department.
Application for Cadastral Plan
Issuing Cadastral Plan (according to the Government Decree 3/94/M in January 17th 1994), Please bring the ID and arrive in the reception desk at the 5th floor of CEM building, "Macao Government Services Centre" or "Macao Government Services Centre in Islands", or order through Online Shopping Service. (URL:

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