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Macao Special Administrative Region is situated on the southeast coast of China and the west shore of the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Guangdong Province and is about 60 km away from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Macao Special Administrative Region is composed of Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane Island
In accordance with the Chief Executive Notice No. 128/2015 on 20 Dec. 2015 which orders the publication of the Decree No. 665 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the Map of Administrative Division of the Macao Special Administrative Region, which was approved by the 116th Executive Meeting of the State Council held on 16 Dec. 2015, comes into force. According to the new Map, the administrative division boundaries are adjusted, and the land and maritime areas under the jurisdiction of Macao SAR are demarcated. The terrestrial part consists of the Macao Border Inspection Building Section at the Border Gate and the Canal Dos Patos Section, while the maritime part consists of the Inner Harbor Section, the Taipa-Coloane Canal Section, the Waters South of Macao Section, the Waters East of Macao Section, the Artificial Island Section and the Waters North of Macao Section. From west to east, Macao covers an area from 113°31’41.4” E to 113°37’48.5” E, and from south to north, 22°04’36.0” N to 22°13’01.3” N. Meanwhile, the Central People's Government has decided that the sea area of Macao SAR should be clearly defined as 85 square kilometers. The total area of Macao has been expanding due to coastal reclamation. As at December 2023, the total land area of Macao SAR had expanded to 33.3 square kilometers.

Macao SAR is comprised of seven parishes:
  • Santo António is located on the western portion of Macao Peninsula, covering San Kio and Patane, with an area of 1.1 square kilometers (December 2023).
  • São Lázaro is located in the middle of Macao Peninsula. It is the smallest parish among the five parishes on Macao Peninsula and the only inland parish in Macao, covering Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Guia Hill and Tap Seac, with an area of 0.6 square kilometer (December 2023).
  • São Lourenço is located in the southwestern of Macao Peninsula, adjacent to Sé in the north along Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, with an area of 1.0 square kilometer (December 2023).
  • Sé is located in the southeastern of Macao Peninsula. It is the largest parish on Macao Peninsula, covering Centro, north of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Praia Grande Bay, Rua do Campo and the entire Zona de Aterros do Porto Exterior, with an area of 3.4 square kilometers (December 2023).
  • Nossa Senhora de Fátima is located on the northern portion of Macao Peninsula. It is the second largest parish on Macao Peninsula and consists mostly of land reclaimed from the sea, covering Ilha Verde, Toi San, Hipódromo, Areia Preta, Mong Ha and Bairro "Fai Chi Kei", with an area of 3.2 square kilometers (December 2023).
  • Nossa Senhora do Carmo covers the entire Taipa, with an area of 7.9 square kilometers (December 2023).
  • São Francisco Xavier covers the entire Coloane, with an area of 7.6 square kilometers (December 2023).

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