Tutelage: The Secretary for Transport and Public Works
Director: Vicente Luís Gracias
Sub-Director: Cheong Sio Kei
Nature: Simple Service
Mission: Conservation of the geodetic net, execution of all the work of cartographic and topographical ambit, and organization and conservation of the cadastre of Macao SAR territory.
  • To elaborate and actualize the digital cartographic basis necessary to the scientific knowledge and the ordinance of the Macao SAR, and put their historical elements in archives;
  • To elaborate analogy and digital (graph and alpha-numerical) to actualize the geometric cadastre (archives), maintain them in the latest propriety and to keep on record the historical elements;
  • To collect all the information relative to the Macao SAR susceptible of cartographic representation;
  • To develop a nucleus base of the system of geographical information from the digital cartography and the computerization of the geometric cadastre of the territory of the Macao SAR, for supporting the entities to which it is necessary when they integrally develop their activities;
  • To intervene, according to the terms of law, in the processes relative to the occupation and use of lands;
  • To study, execute, orient and inspect all the work of geodetic, cartographic and topographical ambit of the Macao SAR;
  • To support the study, by methods of geodetic measurement, of ground subsidence, the stability and possible deformation of public civil engineering whenever it is requested by other entities of the Macao SAR;
  • To execute, for request of the departments of the Macao SAR or other entities, maps and plans connected with their activities;
  • To ensure the training of the technician and assistant technician of the Bureau's staff of its own and other public departments, namely through the School of Topography and Cadastre of Macao;
  • To maintain the technical-scientific intercourse with the departments and organism of the Macao SAR, as well as national, regional or international organizations that actuate in its specific ambit of activity;
  • To support the departments of the Macao SAR and other entities, studying and giving technical opinions on work of the area of the competence of the Cartography and Cadastre Bureau.

Cartography and Cadastre Bureau

Telephone: (853)2834 0040
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E-mail: mail@dscc.gov.mo
P.O. Box: Macao P.O. Box 3018
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Friday 9:00-13:00 and 14:30-17:30
Address: Estrada de D. Maria II, 32-36, Edificio CEM, 5th floor, Macao
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