Introduction to satellite positioning reference stations

A satellite positioning reference station is a fixed station receiving satellite positioning signals that runs 24hx7 and continuously receives and stores the satellite positioning signals transmitted by GNSS. As the station receives rich satellite positioning data, its coordinates after repeated calculation for years are extremely precise. Hence, the coordinates can be used as the control basis for satellite measurement at all levels.
Generally, a country, city or region establishes several long-term satellite positioning reference stations at a certain interval as required to form a reference station network. Each reference station is connected to the central data processing center via the network and uploads the relevant data collected. After data analysis and processing, it calculates regional satellite positioning correction parameters to provide the user with the network-based real-time kinematic positioning service and support 24/7 GNSS measurements and positioning tasks in the scope of service around the clock. The user only needs to have a GNSS receiver with mobile telecommunication capability to obtain precise, real-time, and fast satellite positioning. Additionally, the long-term observation of satellite positioning data of a satellite positioning reference station service network provides data support for the monitoring and research of changes in regional crustal plates.

In order to ensure the long-term operation of satellite positioning reference stations   and the compliance with quality requirements for the satellite positioning signals received, generally, the selection of the location of a satellite positioning reference station is expected to meet the following basic requirements:

1. Good visibility;
2. Geological stability;
3. Away from the source of electromagnetic waves, such as radio station, to avoid signal interference.

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