What is NTRIP

NTRIP is the abbreviation of Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol. It is a telecommunication protocol designated to transmit GNSS satellite data via the Internet, technology for satellite positioning reference stations  to send GNSS satellite data (differential correction message or raw data  ) to the user, and standards commonly used internationally for the transmission of RTK/DGPS correction message by a GNSS receiver. The relevant standards were jointly put forward by Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) and Technische Universität Dortmund and approved by Special Committee No. 104 of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM-SC104) in September 2004.
Through NTRIP, the user can connect with the NTRIP service provider via the Internet (a mobile telecommunication technology) to receive RTK/DGPS correction messages. Along with the development and popularization of the mobile telecommunication network, NTRIP serves as a favorable basic technical condition to promote the application of NTRIP in satellite positioning.

NTRIP system structure diagram

  • NTRIP Caster: The main core;
  • NTRIP Client: Log in NTRIP Caster through HTTP to obtain NTRIP source data;
  • NTRIP Server: Provide NTRIP Source data to NTRIP Caster via HTTP;
  • NTRIP Source: Continuous GNSS data (RTK/DGPS correction message).

Advantages of NTRIP

  • It makes up for the shortcoming of the traditional way of transmitting the satellite correction message data stream:
  • Radio (UHF)—Broadcast, vulnerable to the external interference, without any login inspection or bandwidth restriction;
  • GSM Data Fax—Generally, it is one-on-one data transmission. Only a single data service can be provided at the same time;
  • NTRIP supports multiple NTRIP Clients and NTRIP Sources to receive and transmit data simultaneously.

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